The Muqaddimah - Volume 1,2 & 3 - Ibn Khaldun

Ibn Khaldun

Paperback, 1738 pages [3 Volumes ]
6.75 x 9.9 inch
Dar Ul Thaqafah

The Muqaddimah, often translated as "Introduction" or "Prolegomenon," is the most important Islamic history of the premodern world. Written by the great fourteenth-century Arab scholar Ibn Khaldun (d. 1406), this monumental work established the foundations of several fields of knowledge, including the philosophy of history, sociology, ethnography, and economics. The first complete English translation, by the eminent Islamicist and interpreter of Arabic literature Franz Rosenthal, was published in three volumes in 1958 as part of the Bollingen Series and received immediate acclaim globally. 

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