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A Classical Primer on Tajwid (Tuhfatul Atfal) - Al Jamzuri


A commentary on the Creed of Islam by An - Nasafi


A concise commentary on the book of Tawheed - Saleh bin Fawzan


Akhlaq Wal Siyar - Morals & Behaviours - Ibn Hazm al Andalusi


Al Ahkam As Sultaniyyah (The laws of Islamic Governance) - Al Mawardi


Al Aqida Al Tahawwiya - Arabic Text with English Translation & Commentary


Al Ghazali on Islamic Guidance - Bidayat Al Hidaya


Al Ghazali's Theory on the Recitation and interpretation of the Quran


Al Mustasfa Min Ilm Al Usul - Imam Ghazali


Al Uboodiyah - Being a true slave of Allah - Ibn Taymiyyah


Al- Hidaya (The Guidance) Vol 1&2 - Allama Marghinani


Al-Qushayri's Epistle on Sufism - Al-Risala Al Qushayriyya Fi 'ilm Al-Tasawwuf


As Sirajiyyah Fil Mirath - Siraj Al Hanafi


Asbab Al Nuzul - Ali Al Wahidi


Commentary on 40 ahadeeth - Arbaeen of Imam Nawawi - Moulana Naeem Motala


Commentary on the Creed of At-Tahawi - Ali ibn Ali ibn Abi Al Izz