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100 Years of the Middle East - The Struggle for the Post Sykes-Picot Middle East


Bilal The Abyssinian Outrunner


Biography of the Prophet And the Orientalists Vol 1&2 - Mohd Mohar Ali


Fiqh Us Seerah - Mohammad Al Ghazali


From Darkness to Light - An account of the Messenger Muhammad's struggle to make Islam Dominant


How to Study the History of the Family of Prophet (saw) and his Companions (Ra)


Sayyidah Ruqayyah & Sayyidah Ummul Kulthoom (Radhiyallahu 'Anhuma)


Sayyidah Saarah & Sayyidah Hajaar (As)


Sayyidah Safiyyah (Ra)


Sayyidah Zainab (Ra)


Stories of the Prophets - Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi


The Battles of the Prophet (saw) [غزوات الرسول] - Ibn Kathir


The Islamic State


The life of the Prophet - Seerah An Nabawiya - Vol 1,2,3 & 4 - Ibn Kathir


The Miracles of the Prophet (saw) - Book of evidences - Ibn Kathir


The Mother of the Believers - Wives of Prophet Muhammad (saw)