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Al- Hidaya (The Guidance) Vol 1&2 - Allama Marghinani


Al-Qushayri's Epistle on Sufism - Al-Risala Al Qushayriyya Fi 'ilm Al-Tasawwuf


An-Nahdah (Revival)


As Sirajiyyah Fil Mirath - Siraj Al Hanafi


As-Sababiyah (Causality) - السببية


Asbab Al Nuzul - Ali Al Wahidi


Bai'yah - The basis for Organisation of a revivalist party in Islam


Bilal The Abyssinian Outrunner


Biography of the Prophet And the Orientalists Vol 1&2 - Mohd Mohar Ali


Breaking down Bitcoin - A study of Bitcoin & the Shari' Hukm Related to it


Commentary on 40 ahadeeth - Arbaeen of Imam Nawawi - Moulana Naeem Motala


Commentary on the Creed of At-Tahawi - Ali ibn Ali ibn Abi Al Izz


Comparative Economics - Islam's panacea to the maladies of Capitalism


Congregational Prayer (Salatul Jama'ah) - Al Sadlan


Contributions of Muslims to Indian Subcontinents


Dealing with Lust and Greed - Abd Al Hamid Kishk