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Classical Books

Foundational Principles regarding the Science of Hadith


The Miracles of the Prophet (saw) - Book of evidences - Ibn Kathir


Maraqi Al Falah bi Imdaad Al Fattah - Sharh Nur Al Idah Wa Najal Al Arwah


The Soul's Journey after Death - An abridgement of Ibn Al Qayyims Kitab Ar Ruh


Mukhtasar Minhaj Al Qasidin (Towards the hereafter) - Al Maqdisi


Dua - The shield of a believer arrows of light in the midst of darkness


A concise commentary on the book of Tawheed - Saleh bin Fawzan


Al Uboodiyah - Being a true slave of Allah - Ibn Taymiyyah


As Sirajiyyah Fil Mirath - Siraj Al Hanafi


The Book of recitation of the Quran [Kitab At Tilawah] - Imam Nawawi


A Classical Primer on Tajwid (Tuhfatul Atfal) - Al Jamzuri


Lataif Al Isharat - Subtleties of the Allusions [Part 1]- Abul Qasim Al Qushayri


Asbab Al Nuzul - Ali Al Wahidi


The Reconciliation of the Fundamentals of Islamic Law [Al Muwafaqat fi Usul al Sharia] - Vol 1 & 2 - Al Shatibi


Deliverance from Error and Mystical Union with the Almighty - Imam Ghazali


Commentary on 40 ahadeeth - Arbaeen of Imam Nawawi - Moulana Naeem Motala