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Islamic Jurisprudence according to the Four Sunni Schools - الفقه على مذاهب الاربعة


Fiqh Al Zakah - Vol 1 & 2 - Dr Yusuf Qaradawi


Breaking down Bitcoin - A study of Bitcoin & the Shari' Hukm Related to it


Mukhtasar Al Quduri - Book of Commercial Transactions


Comparative Economics - Islam's panacea to the maladies of Capitalism


Fall of Capitalism & The Rise of Islam - Mohammad Malkawi


Global Credit Crunch - Understanding the fragility of Capitalism


The Inspired Manager - 40 Islamic principles for Successful Managment


Introduction to the Systems of Islam


The Islamic Personality - Vol. 2: Islamic Jurispudence - الشخصية الاسلامية


The Economic System of Islam