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Making sense of Coups - Adnan Khan
Making sense of Coups - Adnan Khan
Making sense of Coups - Adnan Khan
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Making sense of Coups - Adnan Khan


Adnan Khan

Paperback, 233 pages
5.83 x 8.26 inch
Instinarah Press

The da’wah carrier, who is working for change, will have to tackle those who want to maintain the status quo and those who stand against real change. The da’wah carrier will have to deal with those who possess power (Nussra) i.e. those who possess the physical capability to remove the ruler(s), who in the Muslim world like much of the world are the armed forces. For the da’wah carrier, the methodology for change includes the stage of taking power and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way of real change. As a result, making sense of coups, which is the most common form of irregular leadership change, is essential for working for real change in the 21st century. 

 The author has mainly relied mainly on an original dataset of coup attempts around the world between 1945 and 2005, by Professor Naunial Singh, professor of international security studies at the Air War College, Alabama, USA. He conducted an empirical evaluation of all 471 coup attempts over this 60 year period drawing on numerous interviews with retired military personnel and over 300 hours of interviews specifically with coup participants in Ghana.

Binding: Perfect Binding
Paper: 75GSM inside Paper & 300GSM Cover with Matt lamination