Democracy is a system of Kufr

Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloum

Paperback, 26 Pages
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Post Arab spring a debate is currently taking place in the Muslim world on whether democracy is against Islam or not.

Much of the debate on Islam and democracy is based on pragmatic thinking rather than the Islamic way of thinking. The correct approach to the question of whether democracy contradicts Islam or not is to study the reality of democracy in depth and then study the Islamic texts of Qur'an and Sunnah for an answer.

This book written on the 3rd Dhul-Qida 1410AH, 27th May 1990 by the late Sheikh Abdul Qadeem Zalloom (May Allah have mercy on him) follows such an approach and shows that democracy far from being a model for Muslims is in fact a system of kufr that is forbidden to adopt, implement or call for.


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6 decades ago the desire to free from British enslavement and live life under the shade of an Islamic system gave birth to the biggest migration in human history. During which millions of Muslims were martyred and thousands of women were raped. The Sad reality is all historical sacrifices of those sincere souls have been rendered useless as the Muslims of Indian subcontinent could not free themselves. The Face of the British colonizer faded into the background but his system was still intact and stronger than ever to mock at those sacrificed souls. Colonizers always tried to implement their colonizing system using both democracy and dictatorship in their favor. The Colonizing Kuffar were aware of the fact that to maintain their dominance over Muslims it is necessary to keep Muslims away from Islam, its concepts and its different systems, through whichever means possible.

The Kuffar were also aware that Islam is a complete way of life and therefore it is a very difficult task to keep this Ummah inclined to anything other than Islam. That has been the reason that Kuffar not only encroached upon, invaded and occupied Muslim lands also at the same time they started a full blown, organized cultural invasion against Islam to make Islam and clear concepts of its systems as vague ideas and concepts in Muslims minds, Moreover they presented their own concepts and systems under the guise of Islam so that the Ummah of Islam does not feel them strange and in conflict with Islam. At one hand this cultural invasion affected Muslim masses on other hand it affected Muslim thinkers in a profound way, even sincere Muslims who truly loved Islam were not free from the influence of such alien concepts. Consequently, Muslims themselves became the protector of the western ideas, concepts and the western system. One among such concepts is the idea of democracy.

Today when the Ummah is energized further and further by the desire to set themselves free from colonial enslavement and is increasingly passionate now with the idea to implement Islam, therefore it is a very important an issue facing Muslim Ummah that structure of Islamic system should get more clearer so they can correctly locate and estimate their target and milestones towards it. Also to expose to the Ummah the idea of democracy and its true reality so it can differentiate between Islamic system and western capitalism and is not deceived by its Islamic name i.e. trapped again in the name of Islam.

This booklet is an effort in to put light upon the problems that have arisen due to the implementation of democracy. Moreover it tries to expose the reality of democracy and its incompatibilities with Islam. At the end of the book a brief state structure of an Islamic Khilafah System has been presented so that the reader becomes clearer towards the idea of an Islamic state, against whose emergence west has been plotting and striving since decades to prevent it from becoming a reality.


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