Political Concepts - Understanding Global Politics from an Islamic perspective

Hizb Ut Tahrir                                 

Paperback, 182 Pages
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MaktabaIslamia Publications

The Islamic Ummah is entrusted with carrying the Islamic Dawa to the Whole mankind, it is therefore indispensable for Muslims to stay in contact with the world, where they are able to understand the circumstances, the issues that are faced by the masses and then be aware of the motives of the nations and be able to follow and analyze the political actions that take place globally.

This book will enable the reader to understand the geopolitical situation and be able to analyze the various political issues in the Muslim world and outside it. 

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 Politics is taking care of the affairs of a nation (Ummah), internally and externally. This is conducted by the state and the Ummah. The state conducts that practically; whilst the Ummah takes the state to task over that.

 Taking care of the affairs of the Ummah, internally and externally, by the state is discharged through the implementation of the ideology internally; and this represents the domestic policy.

 As regards to taking care of the affairs of the Ummah externally by the state, it consists of her relations with other states, people and nations, and propagating the ideology to the world; and this represents the foreign policy.

 Understanding of the foreign policy is fundamental for safeguarding the entity of the state and the Ummah; it is essential for the enablement of conveying the da’wa to the world; and it is indispensable for the sound regulation of the relations of the Ummah with others.

 This 182 page book is the English translation of the Arabic revised edition of the same title published in 2005 CE by Hizb ut-Tahrir. It highlights key factors in understanding the international political situation. It addresses various topics including:

  • How the ideology of a nation shapes its internal and foreign policy.
  •  How political plans and styles are utilized in order to achieve the interests of nations.
  •  The international situation and the balance of power.
  •  International conventions and international law.
  •  The motives behind the struggle amongst nations.
  •  The current major issues in the world and the nature of the major powers.
  •  The main causes for the misery in the World
  •  The manner how political parties and politicians influence world politics
  •  The importance of political awareness for Muslims and how to influence world politics.
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