The Muslim's handbook to understanding the Social System in Islam

Istinarah Press

Paperback, 178 pages
14.7 x 21 cm
Istinarah Press

This book has been compiled as a result of a need to have a handy guide to understand various issues related to the Islamic Social System. Running over 150 pages, the subjects covered in the book include the Ahkam related to Clothing for Women, Ahkam related to travelling for women, Ahkam related to public & Private life for men & Women and Ahkam related to marriage.. 

And as time progresses and with the ever increasing call among the Muslims to reunite under a Khilafah where Islamic is implemented In a comprehensive manner, there is an increasing need for books to be written on crucial subjects so as to be to able to build within the Ummah, the right awareness and depth.

Having realized the need we have embarked on this ambitious project to produce books on subjects that are pertinent to the Ummahs culturing, subjects that have not yet been brought out in the form of books.

The ‘Muslim ideologue’s Companion’ series is a unique series that Istinarah Press has worked to compile and bring forth addressing a range of subjects including indepth studies & analysis on regional and international powers, important economic issues such as Oil pricing and the Global Economic Crisis & Legislative opinions on the working of the very soon to be established Khilafah Rashidah.

Most of our content has been compiled from existing articles, books & Question And Answers answered by Shekh Ata bin Khaleel abu Rashta and other authors and writers on the subjects.

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