The Method to Appoint a Khalifah

AbdulKareem Newell

Paperback, 44 Pages
21 x 14.8 cm
MaktabaIslamia Publications

In 1925, one year after the Khilafah was formally abolished, an Egyptian scholar named Ali Abd al-Raziq waged a campaign to separate the concept of Khilafah from Islam. Although opposition to the Khilafah by some influential’s in the Muslim world was nothing new, Ali Abd al-Raziq was unique in that he attempted to justify his position by recourse to the Islamic texts.1  His book ‘Islam and the Foundations of Governance,’ caused huge controversy at the time since it opposed 1300 years of scholarly consensus on the Khilafah being an integral and inseparable part of Islam

Due to the controversy surrounding his book, Ali Abd al-Raziq passed the remainder of his life in obscurity having no major influence on Muslim opinion. However, the legacy of Ali Abd al-Raziq lives on where a minority of Muslim ‘modernists’ who with the support of the West have begun to revive this argument that Islam and the State are separate, i.e. advocating ‘Islamic’ secularism.

 This booklet will refute the claim that Islam provides no detailed guidance on a governing system by illustrating the process for appointing the head of an Islamic State – Khaleefah. It will show that the Messenger of Allah (saw) far from neglecting this important aspect of the governing system, in fact detailed a precise methodology for appointing a successor (Khaleefah) for the Muslim Ummah.



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