Question:- Would it be allowed to design the interiors of a bar and a restaurant

Answer:- The interior designers task is to prepare the outlook and fittings according to the usage of a place. So if a room is used as a dining room, he designs it in a manner that suits the needs of a dining room and if it is used as a office space, then he designs it so as to suit an office and in a similar way he designs the bar and restaurant in a manner than suits the restaurant and the bar. Continue reading

Is the partial implementation of Islamic rules like hudud & Qisas by the Saudi Government valid?

Question: – Implementation of hudood by Saudi king. Is this considered valid? If yes what is the evidence. If not the evidence.

Answer: – The address by the legislator regarding the application of ahkaam is aam (general) and the hukm stays despite whatever condition the people are in. So whoever undertakes the fulfillment of the application of rules then he has fulfilled the responsibility. Continue reading