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MaktabaIslamia publishes 10 New Titles this month2 min read

MaktabaIslamia this has published 10 New Titles this month,  5 of them in English and another 5 in Arabic, Yes Arabic! More on it in a bit.

Our latest releases include the English translation of AlWaadih Fee Usul Al Fiqh by Sheikh Hussein Abdullah which by all terms is the most simplest yet comprehensive book on the subject. Running over 600 pages, it would be no exagerration to say that this is the best book on the subject available in English language.

Many of Maktaba’s followers have been asking about Sheikh Abu Iyas’s book on Salah, and we finally have it available in our store.

Another book that we published is by one of the early activists (Sheikh Taleb Awadallah) from the Party of Liberation (Hizb Ut Tahrir) that discusses about how the world’s largest Islamic political party came into being and its history – Emergence of Light from AlAqsa. 

We have published 2 new books by Adnan Khan, 100 Years of the MiddleEast – The Struggle for the post Sykes-Picot MiddleEast and a full colored strategic report titled ‘Global Trends for the 21st Century’.

Alhamdulilla we managed to launch our Arabic section and have published 4 of Sheikh Thaer Salameh (Abu Malek’s) books. He’s an amazing thinker and his writings are deep and enlightening. By profession he’s an engineer but his mastery on the subject of Aqeedah is astounding. He’s known for his book ‘Mafaheem fil Aqeedah’ in 3 volumes that runs over 3000 pages and studies in a thorough manner some of the most confusing issues in the Islamic Aqeedah right from the time of the Sahabah until our times. We have published the 1st volume of the series. We have another dozen or more titles for him coming up soon Inshallah. Check out his books here. 

And the best part is that we also published Sheikh Abu Iyas’s Latest edition of the ‘Masail Fiqhiya Al Mukhtarah – مسائل فقهية المختارة’ , which is a collection of QnA that he has answered over the past several decades on various subjects. For any one who knows arabic, this is a must read.

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