Who needs an Islamic state ? We do - A critical review of the book by Abdel Wahab Effendi

Ian Nisbet

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“Who needs an Islamic State?” is not a new book. It was largely ignored when it was first published. However, recently when a new intellectual front in the attack against Islam has opened in Britain, its author –whose view coincides with western policy makers - is enjoying a new found popularity as an ‘expert’ on the matter.

His central argument is: Islam really has no defined political system, thus making democracy the most suitable system for Muslims in the modern world.

Abdelwahab El-Affendi is a Sudanese ex-diplomat, currently employed by the Centre for the Study of Democracy at Westminster University, London. He has also been a journalist in Sudan and studied philosophy. He is not known to have studied Islam, and his writings betray an ignorance of fourteen centuries of scholarship.

Although the author implies on page one that he is opening up a new debate, one is immediately struck by the Orientalist tone of the work, coming across as yet another follower of Ali Abdul Raziq and the Orientalists who wrote on the matter around 1924, when the destruction of the Islamic State in Istanbul was a prime British foreign policy objective. The few new points made in this book do not make it read any less like a supplement to ‘Al-Islam wa Ususl al-Hukm’, Ali Abdul Raziq’s book published in 1925, but written a number of years earlier.

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